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The Castle Farm

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The Castle Farm is an invitation to vegetable fragrances. Pear and rhubarb are wrapped in tomato leaves. An ideal atmosphere for the kitchen and dining room.


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L’EAU D’EPINE (Thorn water) is a flayed perfume.

A pungent caress alternating the ferocity of rosebush thorns and the smoothness of amber balm.

The symbolism of a wild nature apprehended by humans in search of virtues.


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The Tarology Pao consultation combines a tarot practice inspired by the New Orleans method, with other therapeutic tools, to maximize psychological well-being and emotional balance.

A first phase of the consultation allows you to lay down together the bases of a common language around the tarot, in order to immerse yourself in this fabulous tool that is the Rider Waite tarot.

An opening then makes it possible to confront the energies in progress in the life of the consultant, to understand them, name them and analyze them in order to grasp the message of the tarot.

Finally, the exploration of a theme makes it possible to analyze in depth the professional life, or the love life of the consultant, unless he prefers to carry out a drawing around the guidance.

It is then a real check-up making it possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses, to visualize the path traveled, the paths to follow, and the life advice of the tarot in order to become the best version of oneself. possible, in a life that suits you.

This last phase also gives the consultant the opportunity to ask certain questions on which he feels the need to be referred, with kindness.

The entire consultation, lasting about an hour and a quarter, restores strength and appeasement to the consultant, who feels greater clarity about his situation, and easily geolocates his emotions. Re-empowered on his ability to concretize his definition of happiness, he reappropriates his strength and discovers the keys that will allow him to work on his fears or traumas.

A complete consultation, to refocus on the essential, and identify with serenity, the path to be taken to achieve your objectives.


Following the purchase of a consultation, you are contacted by email within 24 hours to arrange a phone meeting.


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Lava stones has always found a place of pride in the myths, legends ans rituals of ancient peoples.

Bringing strength and protection, Chapel Factory offers scented sanctuary stones.


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The EMPRESS FIR - NEROLI represents the flamboyant feminine energy. Her feeling of abundance makes her creative, fertile, to the point of being both the sensual woman and the potential mother. Fully blossomed in her feminine body, she is overflowing with love, including for herself, and shows herself gifted for happiness.

Handcrafted candle in Paris with 100% vegetable soy wax and packaged in an ecological cotton pouch. 250G


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Our leathers come from a prestigious French tannery dating back to the 16th century and each item is handcrafted.

The "CACHOU" shade is produced by mineral tanning, vegetable retanned.

A collection of luxury leather goods for Men / Women.

Shoulder bag (smartphone & more)

Dimension :12,5 X 22 cm

color : Cachou


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Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961), American Nobel Prize for Literature.
Many of his works have been written in his colonial house La Finca Vigia in Cuba.
An indoor fragrance inspired by a generous exotic garden in the wake of frangipani, mariposa, jasmine, banana blossom, citron, palo santo and sandalwood.


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Chapel Factory formulates its Patchouli soap by respecting the beautiful tradition of artisanal soap makers. Organic vegetable oils (olive, coconut) combine with beeswax and shea butter. The emulsion of the soft and creamy foam develops a captivating fragrance.

Handemade in France - Manufacture artisanale - 100g.


Spray D'intérieur - 20 RUE JACOB - Paris

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Here at 20 RUE JACOB, hides a secret place in the heart of St Germain des Prés.

 American Natalie Clifford Barney's literary salon is named after

"Temple of Friendship". For more than 60 years this place welcomes the finest minds in a neoclassical decor. The "Amazon" show will remain one of the last so influential. Jardins d´écrivains permeates the intensity of this story to compose the fragrance

of a Parisian spring.

In a case of amber patchouli, a radiant bergamot is combined with the delicate palmarosa.


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Magical plants and occult botany give birth to a spagyric perfume.

Witch flowers make a pact with opium in the heart of incense swirls.

FLORE OCCULTE is an all-over spray for the body but also to create an atmosphere around you.

Spray 8.45fl.oz

Cora Pearl - Eau de parfum pour femme

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The destiny of this Englishwoman who arrived in Paris to accomplish an ambitious ascent will prove to be sumptuous. At its peak, nothing is too good for this sublime extravagant taste. Lady of the manor, Cora Pearl bathes in the aristocracy and in her bathtub of champagne. The whole of Paris recounts its escapades and its fantasies.


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The SNOBBISH candle praises noble materials by dressing in an empire-coloured vegetable-tanned leather and revealing a scent of English moors. 

Transported in an air full of heather subtly smoked of incense. 

The SNOBBISH candle praises noble materials by dressing in hide-coloured vegetable-tanned leather and revealing an ultra-chic fragrance.

The leathery notes are wrapped in a subtle cashmere wood creating a racy and refined atmosphere.

Once the candle has been used up, the leather ganized glass becomes an object such as a pot cache, a cosmetic jar or a pencil pot, depending on the inspiration;)


100% vegetable soy wax, 285G. 


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Our leathers come from a prestigious French tannery dating back to the 16th century and each item is handcrafted.

The "CACHOU" shade is produced by mineral tanning, vegetable retanned.

A collection of luxury leather goods for Men / Women.

Card holder

5 lined compartments

Dimensions: 7 X 10 cm

Color: Cachou

GRI GRI - Moko Maori - eau de parfum for men...

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In Oceania, master tattoo artists practise tattow to mark the transition to a new stage in life.
MOKO MAORI Eau de Parfum evokes victorious nobility, the very meaning of this practice.
A sprouting fern called Koru symbolises strength and peace, offering a wonderful olfactory theme. Floral undergrowth and honey-sweet Manuka flowers mix with Lichen to exude the scent of famous celestial legends.

Body splash cologne EX-LIBRIS

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An elegantly simple foliage infusion inspired by a botanical herbarium.
EX-LIBRIS envelops the body with an imprint of belonging to a delicate genre.
Buddha's hand embraces a collection of peppermint, mate and bitter orange.
The heart opens with a bouquet of violet leaves wooded with sandalwood, to leave a gently leathery pepper on the skin.

PEAU D'ÂNE - Eau de parfum mixte

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A magical and surreal perfume with the chroma color of time, sprinkled with flour. Beneath a suave and animal skin reveals a phosphorescent heart. Supernatural elements exhales a kind of an anchronistic and enchanting tale.

Incense Host

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The scented wax melter is placed in the cup of a perfume burner, above a candle.
By heating, the wax diffuses an incense scent composed of bakhoor, olibanum and storax for about 8 hours. Keep out of reach of children, do not swallow. 100% vegetable soy wax, 5 units.

Shaman white Californian fumigation sage

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The Beat Generation is a literary and artistic movement founded by Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs in 1950s USA. On the Road by Kerouac is an ode to the great wide open and the search for new worlds. The Beat Generation also had an attachment to nature and shamanic spirituality.