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Authentic hand-woven Himalayan Cashmere.

The irregularities and frayed edges signify the artisanal look.

Lightweight, soft and wrinkle-resistant, this scarf is an essential accessory for men and women.




SIZE : 70 X 200 cm


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Our leathers come from a prestigious French tannery dating back to the 16th century and each item is handcrafted.

The "CACHOU" shade is produced by mineral tanning, vegetable retanned.

A collection of luxury leather goods for Men / Women.

Two-tone change tray

Dimensions : 15 X 15 cm

color : Cachou & Beige


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THE WORLD is an energy of achievement, of success. After having traveled a long way, and overcoming all the difficulties, this arcane concretizes the goals we had in mind, and allows to finally reach the destination we were aiming for. Synonymous with completion, it also promotes new cycles, and leaves you with a poetic invitation to travel around ...

Handcrafted candle in Paris with 100% vegetable soy wax and packaged in an ecological cotton pouch. 250G


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Lava stones has always found a place of pride in the myths, legends ans rituals of ancient peoples.

Bringing strength and protection, Chapel Factory offers scented sanctuary stones.

Melle Cléo - eau de parfum for women

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Harmony, classicism, style and restraint are the values Cléo de Merode acquired at the Paris opera. But her controlled appearance conceals a more ambiguous nature. Like a fierce hetaira, she stands out in a sort of brothel that has become the foyer of the ballet school.
She was considered the world’s most beautiful woman in 1896. An absolute star, she captured her contemporaries’ imagination.

ZORBA - Eau de parfum mixte

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Between sea spray and scrubland floats the free and earthy spirit of Alexis Zorba.

The scent of wild plants from the Cretan hills provides the most complete change of scenery.

Infused with solar energy, the temperament and radiance of this olfactory signature connects to the insatiable thirst for adventure.


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Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961), American Nobel Prize for Literature.
Many of his works have been written in his colonial house La Finca Vigia in Cuba.
An indoor fragrance inspired by a generous exotic garden in the wake of frangipani, mariposa, jasmine, banana blossom, citron, palo santo and sandalwood.


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Choker with adjustable chain clasp. Shells and natural stones.

Stones: Lapis Lazuli, Apatite

Color: Blue, White

Length: 39 to 44cm

Junky - Eau de parfum for men and women

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William Burroughs was the most experimental and avant-garde figure of the Beat Generation, the one who went furthest in developing the complexity of the novel. In his youth he escaped through reading Oscar Wilde, and he went on to lead a bohemian lifestyle, delighting in extreme experiences. His first novel, Junky, describes the harsh reality of addiction.

GRI GRI - TARA MANTRA - eau de parfum for men...

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The holy Sanskrit texts possess a spiritual power that helps its readers explore their inner selves.
TARA MANTRA Eau de Parfum is an invitation to meditation. Its spicy, vibrant song diffuses the scent of monastic incense. Patchouli, enriched with woody and animal aromatic notes, awakens the senses.
This fragrance evokes all the best that humanity has to offer.

Body splash Cologne LEOPARDI

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The splash colognes Jardins D’Écrivains draws on a particularly refined literature to explore notes delicately uncluttered.

Giacomo Leopardi 1789/1837 Italian poet, writer and philosopher.
An intimate cologne inspired by a dazzling romantic melancholy, composed of Sicilian orange, bigarade, neroli, verbena, petit-grain.


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A shepherd's campfire enriched with resinous ans crackling branches of birch, cypress, mugwort, juniper, cedar and fir balsam.

An ancestral atmosphere punctuated with notes of sandalwood ans leathery to accompany the winter solstice.

BAPTISMA Eau de Parfum

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A Baptismal water to emboly the essence of childhood. The captivating scent of baby skin combined with an infusion of verbena and delicate orange blossoms. This innocent freshness is enveloped in a jasmine scent with powdery incense. The milky white musk reveals the purity of intact nostalgia.


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Absolute luxury since the history of perfume.

Spikenard is harverest in Bhutan and in the Himalayan mountains to extract its elegant smoothness.

Legendary for its occurrences in Le cantique des cantiques.

NARD INTEGRAL is an all over spray for the body but also to create an atmosphere around you in a holistic and ayurvedic approach.


Spray 8.45fl.oz


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Chapel Factory formulates its Incense soap respecting the beautiful tradition of artisanal soap makers.

Organic vegetable oils (avocado, olive, coconut, castor) combine with beeswax, shea butter and cocoa.

The soft and creamy foam emulsion develops incense scents composed of bakhoor, olibanum and storax.

Handemade in France - Manufacture artisanale - 100g.


candle Le jardin de BALZAC - Paris

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Rhetoric in bloom.
The Lily of the valley, novel of silence and suggestion is one of the richest of the Human Comedy poems.Perpetuate the ephemeral, embody the absolute in the time, such is the vocation of this candle BALZAC.
A nice way to enhance the arrival of  the lily of the valley wich is a symbol of  lucky charm.


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The SNOBBISH candle praises noble materials by dressing in a vegetable tanned leather of cachou color and revealing an ultra chic fragrance.

The leathery notes are enveloped in a subtle cashmere wood creating a racy and refined atmosphere.

Its glass bell preserves its intensity and protects the wax.

Once the candle is used up, the leather-trimmed glass becomes an object such as a flowerpot, a cosmetic jar or a pencil holder, depending on the inspiration;)


100% vegetable soy wax, 285G.


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The Tarology Pao consultation combines a tarot practice inspired by the New Orleans method, with other therapeutic tools, to maximize psychological well-being and emotional balance.

A first phase of the consultation allows you to lay down together the bases of a common language around the tarot, in order to immerse yourself in this fabulous tool that is the Rider Waite tarot.

An opening then makes it possible to confront the energies in progress in the life of the consultant, to understand them, name them and analyze them in order to grasp the message of the tarot.

Finally, the exploration of a theme makes it possible to analyze in depth the professional life, or the love life of the consultant, unless he prefers to carry out a drawing around the guidance.

It is then a real check-up making it possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses, to visualize the path traveled, the paths to follow, and the life advice of the tarot in order to become the best version of oneself. possible, in a life that suits you.

This last phase also gives the consultant the opportunity to ask certain questions on which he feels the need to be referred, with kindness.

The entire consultation, lasting about an hour and a quarter, restores strength and appeasement to the consultant, who feels greater clarity about his situation, and easily geolocates his emotions. Re-empowered on his ability to concretize his definition of happiness, he reappropriates his strength and discovers the keys that will allow him to work on his fears or traumas.

A complete consultation, to refocus on the essential, and identify with serenity, the path to be taken to achieve your objectives.


Following the purchase of a consultation, you are contacted by email within 24 hours to arrange a phone meeting.


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Our leathers come from a prestigious French tannery dating back to the 16th century and each item is handcrafted.

The "CACHOU" shade is produced by mineral tanning, vegetable retanned.

A collection of luxury leather goods for Men / Women.

Card holder

5 lined compartments

Dimensions: 7 X 10 cm

Color: Cachou