For Anaïs Biguine, creating a fragrance is like telling a story. Her sources of inspiration make her a specialist in narrative scents.

Jardins D’Écrivains conjures up the intimate workings of literature with its novelesque fragrances.

Les Cocottes de Paris offer a «Belle Époque» trio inspired by three iconic courtesans.
Gri Gri explores the history of tattooing, with scents dedicated to those who choose to send a message through their skin.

Headquartered in Paris, this is a perfume house which prides itself on making a product that is 100% French, using raw materials from Grasse.
Its cabinet of curiosities in the Normandy town of Honfleur teems with inspiring creative ideas.

A niche perfumery whose distinctive philosophy is characterized by the quality, originality and enduring beauty of its fragrances. Anaïs Biguine’s creations are recognized and championed by an array of charming artisanal perfumeries in over forty countries.