• Atelier Sauvage

    Atelier Sauvage

    Paloma Biguine, creator of ATELIER SAUVAGE, showcase the power of natural stones.
    Her necklaces, like talismans, become true inseparable. The benevolent energy and bohemian chic of each of her jewelry can be worn alone or in accumulation.
    Each piece is shaped in the Paris workshop by the designer who has the talent to sprinkle shapes and colors in a very precise expression.
  • Chapel Factory

    Chapel Factory

    Of all the perfumes, incense is the most prestigious. CHAPEL FACTORY interprets in its universal dimension the return of a caravanserai.
  • Gri Gri

    Gri Gri

    Darwin had mentioned that there was no civilization without tattoing.
    GRI GRI is aimed at messenger skin, offering singular and original perfumes.
  • Jardins d'écrivains

    Jardins d'écrivains

    JARDINS D’ECRIVAINS evokes romantic temperaments revealing intimate mechanisms expressed by a fine and creative perfumery.
  • Les Cocottes de Paris

    Les Cocottes de Paris

    LES COCOTTES DE PARIS offers a triptych «  Belle Epoque » inspired by iconi courtesans.


    Rob creates his unique pieces as one seeks a treasure.
    Passionnate about archeology and history, his creations are based in his workshop on his Breton lands. This young jeweler uses ancestral methods allowing each jewel to express a singular character evoking the Roman road.
  • Snobbish


    S N O B B I S H seeks excellence by working from noble materials to luxury craftmanship.
  • Tarology Pao

    Tarology Pao

    Paolina Biguine, creator of TAROLOGY PAO., has followed an atypical path.
    Exercising the profession of journalist, this passionate about personal development has found another vocation.To open minds through the exercice of Tarology. With her range of candles, Paolina also offers an extension of her Tarot cards reading by awakening the necessary energies to perfect any guidance.