Located between sea and forest, hides a cinematographic village where one comes to seek the bliss of simple pleasures. Here nature and the seasons provoke the delight of the contemplative.
This lifestyle cultivates the presence of an outdated poetic past.
Inspired by my favorite place to live, I created a line of candles made with serenity in my Normandy factory.
BETWEEN SEA & FOREST offers an olfactory journey evoking the atmosphere of my manor, a visit to the farm with vegetable fragrances, or even the spray of a wild beach.
The creation of these interior fragrances is a very personal approach because it is the expression of my native land. An imprint in reference to the universal need to live in harmony with nature.

List of products by brand Between Sea & Forest

A Monkey In Winter

Price €60.00
Availability: 10 In Stock

A Monkey In Winter captures the atmosphere of a wild beach located between sea and forest.

The spray rubs shoulders with the lichen and ferns.

The Manor

Price €60.00
Availability: 149 In Stock

The Manor exudes a cosy atmosphere with Anglo-Norman charm.

A smoking Earl Grey mingles with the fireplace on an antique rose background. 

The Castle Farm

Price €60.00
Availability: 2 In Stock

The Castle Farm is an invitation to vegetable fragrances. Pear and rhubarb are wrapped in tomato leaves. An ideal atmosphere for the kitchen and dining room.