LES COCOTTES DE PARIS, created the capital of pleasures.
The creation of its perfumes evokes scandalous icons of the xix th century.
A universe breaking the codes and reflecting the temperament of free and creative women.

List of products by brand Les Cocottes de Paris

Melle Cléo - Eau De Parfum Pour Femme

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Harmony, classicism and style are the values Cléo de Merode acquired at the Paris opera. But her controlled appearance conceals a more ambiguous nature. Like a fierce hetaira, she stands out in a sort of brothel that has become the foyer of the ballet school.
She was considered the world’s most beautiful woman in 1896. An absolute star, she captured her contemporarie's imagination.

La Belle Otero - Eau De Parfum Pour Femme

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Nothing could be more picaresque than the life of “La Belle Otero”, singing, dancing, jumping on a table ! The beautiful gypsy has an insatiable nature. The queen of elegance frequented kings from Paris to Monte Carlo. She was the most ruthless courtesan of the Belle Époque. She devoted her life to dancing, men, precious stones, gambling and above all freedom.

Cora Pearl - Eau de parfum pour femme

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The destiny of this English woman who arrived in Paris to accomplish an ambitious ascent will prove to be sumptuous. At its peak, nothing is too good for this sublime extravagant taste. Lady of the manor, Cora Pearl bathes in the aristocracy and in her bathtub of champagne. The whole of Paris recounts its escapades and its fantasies.

La Dame Aux Camélias - Eau de parfum pour femme

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Announcing his availability through the language of

camellia that she wears on her neckline, this cocotte is

seduced musicians and writers among others.

Immortalized by literature, her dazzling destiny leaves the memory of one of the most beautiful women in Paris.


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This nocturnal, vampire-like creature has burst upon the social scene, where she brings a fragrance of newness.
She is perfectly beautiful with a boldness that makers her fashionable.
La Castiglione has odd manners. She doesn’t make conversation, babble or dance, for she wants to be an almost silent divinity, like a statue, an effigy. A photographic word about the role

MELLE CLEO - Roll-on 5ml test dose

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Rosewood, Bergamot, Litchee, Belle de nuit, Ylang Ylang, Rose, cotton flower, lichen.

Like a fierce hetaira, she stands out in a sort of lupanar that turned out to become the opera of Paris. Melle Cléo eau de parfum is a sort of olfactory choreography with unpredictable variations : Botticellian rosewood, night blooming cereus worthy of Asparas and cotton-flower for the most angelic Cocotte.

LA DAME AUX CAMELIAS - Roll-on 5ml test dose

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Rosewood, Bergamot, Violet, Rose, Grapefruit, Honey, Musk, Ambergris.

Immortalized in literature, her dazzling fate leaves the memory of one of the most beautiful women in Paris. La Dame aux Camélias eau de parfum augurs floral and citrus notes then caresses the skin of lovers of honeyed musk.

LA BELLE OTERO - Roll-on 5ml test dose

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Neroli, Pepper, Wormwood, Fig, Ginger, Violet, Musk, Buchu, Lavender, Narcissus, Iris, Incense, Sandalwood.

The Cocotte’s life seems to be inspired by a novel. She dedicates her existence to excess and freedom. La Belle Otero eau de parfum is an invitation to misbehave : licentious pepper, illicit absinthe, covetous violet and concupiscent sandalwood. Its evolution leaves a certain delectation on the skin.

LA CASTIGLIONE - Roll-on 5ml test dose

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Citron, Mugwort, Copahu, Liquorice, Patchouli, Cade, Ambergris, Myrrh, Styrax.

This almost vampiric nocturnal creature emerges on the social scene where she brings a scent of novelty. By candlelight, La Castiglione eau de parfum evokes a lusty, sooty commotion. bewitching patchouli, libidinous copaïba, elegant cade and caressing ambergris.

A fragrance with a dark vapour trail.

CORA PEARL - Roll-on 5ml test dose

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Cardamom, Bergamot, Violet, Jasmine, Gurjum, Amber, Oakmoss, Vetiver.

Nothing is too for this exquisite extravagant lady and her wonderful taste. Cora Pearl Eau de Parfum evokes the allure of a warm-blooded horsewoman who leaves chypre notes in her path. Its femininity expressed by balsam flowers characterizes its power of seduction.