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A shepherd's campfire enriched with resinous ans crackling branches of birch, cypress, mugwort, juniper, cedar and fir balsam.

An ancestral atmosphere punctuated with notes of sandalwood ans leathery to accompany the winter solstice.


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Chapel Factory celebrates the spirit of Christmas with its new FULL EPICEA candle.

A no-frills fragrance to pay homage to the majestic allure of the large mountain fir, in an authentic version.

100% vegetable soy wax, 250G.


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Lava stones has always found a place of pride in the myths, legends ans rituals of ancient peoples.

Bringing strength and protection, Chapel Factory offers scented sanctuary stones.


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Creating a personal sanctuary at home symbolizes a sacred place.

The one where one carries intentions with powerful and beneficial energies.


The novena is a celebration practiced since ancient Romans.

This lingering flame for nine days and nights accompanies an intention or a wish.

The Novena Sanctuary Light candle is sprinkled with black and gold pontifical incense nuggets.

Incense Host

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The scented wax melter is placed in the cup of a perfume burner, above a candle.
By heating, the wax diffuses an incense scent composed of bakhoor, olibanum and storax for about 8 hours. Keep out of reach of children, do not swallow. 100% vegetable soy wax, 5 units.

Smudge sauge blanche

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To create a personal sanctuary at home symbolizes a sacred place, one where one carries intentions with powerful and beneficent energies.

This white sage stick with relaxing and antiseptic virtues burns it to purify the environment and the mind or during a meditation session. 

Tips for use: 

Light the end of the stick with a match or candle and let burn for 5 to 6 seconds. Fan the smoke by gently blowing on the combustion, let it spread by placing the sage stick in a cup. Don’t try to turn off the smudge that goes out on its own.