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  • Brand: Gri Gri

GRI GRI - Moko Maori - roll-on 5ml test dose

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In Oceania, master tattoo artists practise tattow to mark the transition to a new stage in life.
MOKO MAORI Eau de Parfum evokes victorious nobility, the very meaning of this practice.
A sprouting fern called Koru symbolises strength and peace, offering a wonderful olfactory theme. Floral undergrowth and honey-sweet Manuka flowers mix with Lichen to exude the scent of famous celestial legends.

GRI GRI - TARA MANTRA - roll-on 5ml test dose

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The holy Sanskrit texts possess a spiritual power that helps its readers explore their inner selves.
TARA MANTRA Eau de Parfum is an invitation to meditation. Its spicy, vibrant song diffuses the scent of monastic incense. Patchouli, enriched with woody and animal aromatic notes, awakens the senses.
This fragrance evokes all the best that humanity has to offer.

GRI GRI - Ukiyo-e - roll-on 5ml test dose

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The Japanese art of tattooing called Irezumi is a thousand years old. UKIYO-E captures our imagination, bringing to mind prints of the floating world and the Edo period’s Kabuki theatre.
Sakura and ashibi flowers endow this fragrance with woody notes and hints of rose, while Genmaicha adds a smokiness, creating an elegant, unique vapour trail that makes time stand still with its  aquatic notes.

GRI GRI - Sideshow - roll-on 5ml test dose

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When sideshows still performed throughout the United States, tattoos were a real attraction in 19th-century circuses. At the time, they were the subject of curiosity.
This parade of scents brings to mind carnival sweets and treats. Cotton candy blend with the fantastical fragrances of hyraceum and leather, evoking the exoticism of the traveling circus.
A freakishly attractive enchantment.