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Body splash cologne EX-LIBRIS

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An elegantly simple foliage infusion inspired by a botanical herbarium.
EX-LIBRIS envelops the body with an imprint of belonging to a delicate genre.
Buddha's hand embraces a collection of peppermint, mate and bitter orange.
The heart opens with a bouquet of violet leaves wooded with sandalwood, to leave a gently leathery pepper on the skin.
layering recommendation: Alcazar & Ex-Libris

LE RÊVE - Pillow Mist

Price €40.00
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A Perfume floating between an aromatic soil and a sky with notes of ozone. " LE RÊVE " is a pillow mist to welcome the theater of our brain.

Henri Bergson evokes that we forget nothing, everything we have perceived, thought, wanted, persists indefinitely. Can memories be summoned by dreams ? Jardins D'Ecrivains interprets an olfactory atmosphere dedicated to sleep to deliciously explore our secret gardens.